Shungite Products



Shungite Pendants

 All £15 +pp

Triangle Pendants Male (L) Female (R)

Male Triangle
Female Triangle



Regular Buckybag

25 grams of raw shungite straight from the mine to the bag! (we washed it first..). Can be placed upon electrical equipment, held in the pocket or around the neck under clothing. Grounding and protecting you from harsh electronic fields. (Bag Pattern Varies) £5 + pp

Large Buckybag

100g of raw shungite £20 +pp

Elite Buckybag

A buckybag with 5 grams of Elite Shungite. Not for the faint of heart.  £5+pp

Large Elite Buckybag

a buckybag with 25 grams of Elite Shungite, allows for getting larger chunks £20 + pp

Shungite Powders

Powdered Regular Shungite for e.g Beehives. A coarser ground shungite powder, can be used to make emf protection. Ground from regular shungite (30-50% fullerene).

Regular bag 5g £5 + pp

Large bag 25g £20 + pp

NanoPowdered Noble/Elite Shungite for e.g Beehives, skincare, pets, ointments, contains more than 72% fullerene (C60). This product can be added to olive oil and ingested for the benefit of fullerene molecules.

Regular bag 1g £5 + pp

Large bag 5g £20 + pp


Larger Pieces (higher P&P)


Shungite Pyramids

Small 3cm base, Polished (Left), convenient for the pocket, suitable for a small car (glue to dashboard) £15 + PP

Large 5cm on the base (right), Polished. A good office-or-living space sized field will be generated from this pyramid. good for those who come into contact with more people than usual. £30 + PP


Shungite Cubes

Solid Polished Cubes of shungite. 3cm and 5cm. great feel, large pieces.


3cm Cube £30 + PP
5cm Cube £60 + PP


Shungite Tile – 10cm x 10cm x 1cm – a cool, calming influence to steady your workplace or therapy room. £70 + pp