10th July 2014

140713 Carla Fox – Quantum Stargates

My guest tonight is Carla Fox, Shamanic Energy Healer, Quantum Sphere Healing Practitioner, Author, Workshop Facilitator, Healing Practitioner Trainer

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Carla Fox grew up in the Chicago area where she received a BS from Loyola University. After a lifelong but mainly casual interest in spirituality, a series of life changing events offered her the opportunity to seriously embark on a path of service to mankind, no matter where that might lead her.


Through a series of seemingly coincidental events, she ended up studying Peruvian Shamanic Energy Healing with the Four Winds Society, graduating from their Healing the Light Body program in 2002. She did one round of assistant teaching for that organization before leaving to create her own shamanic training program. In the intervening years, she has taught countless students the practices of the Peruvian medicine people in addition to training shamanic healers.


After a number of years of searching for a program that would enhance her shamanic tracking and visioning skills, Carla came upon the work of the Monroe Institute in Virginia. The Hemi-Sync® Technology that is used in most of their week long programs created the end result that she was searching for. Her level of awareness of the “big picture” for herself and her clients has exponentially grown, making her a more effective healer.


In 2011, Carla wrote and self published her book “Traversing the Infinite Now, How to get From Here to There Without Losing Your Way” as a response to her many clients and students who had a need for some basic printed information on how to recognize and deal with the issues that were coming up for them. The book is only available on both of her web sites. While attending a workshop at the Monroe Institute in March of 2012, a revolutionary new healing protocol was “gifted” to Carla from her higher guidance. The workshop was called Explorer Imperative and used a brand new sound technology called Spatial Angle Modulation™, or SAM™ for short, which was developed by Skip Atwater of remote viewing fame, who had been working at TMI since retiring from the U.S. Army.


This sound technology puts one in the gamma brain wave state and links one’s consciousness directly into the Quantum Field. Carla named her new modality Quantum Sphere Healing. She is currently training practitioners in this new healing protocol. Carla is privileged to live in SW Colorado near the Four Corners and Mesa Verde National Park, where she maintains her private healing practice.


Even though she no longer trains shamanic practitioners, she still uses shamanic healing techniques in addition to the Quantum Sphere Healing in her practice. She also writes a blog detailing her insights into the human path of evolution and acceleration that we are all experiencing. Her areas of expertise involve tracking and clearing the distortions in a client’s energy field from the etheric patterning of the physical body all the way through to the “everywhere and everywhen” of the Quantum Field. Her mission is to assist others in attaining clarity, healing, wholeness and self empowerment so that they can take advantage of the evolutionary opportunities that are being presented to each and every human being at this time. It is her pleasure and privilege to illuminate the way for others.