Shungite on the Web

here are some external links, some with descriptions, about the use of shungite that have been put out on video or in articles


Clif High and Dick Algire: “World Changing Event”

Shungite is a mineral that can absorb electromagnetic fields and be used as an EMF protector, potentially improving sleep and reducing exposure to harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Key insights

  • Shungite has the potential to enhance conceptual data during remote viewing sessions, adding more complexity to words, phrases, and ideas.
  • The purpose of wearing certain stones is for EMF protection, not for psychic purposes.
  • The unique mineral Shungite found in Russia acts as a sponge for electromagnetic fields, potentially shielding against electromagnetic waves.
  • Shungite has the ability to significantly reduce EMF radiation, with just a single piece or bracelet causing the levels to drop from 300 to 2 or 5.
  • “If you’ll take the EMF meter and just aim it at your computer and your monitor and get a reading…and then just put the Shungite in between the EMF meter and the electrical source.”

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