Meditation Pyramids

The Copper Meditation Pyramid

The meditation pyramid is easily assembled using five brass bolts (or Copper Pins. Please Specify), and can be enhanced by future product releases from this web site. The standard pyramid form is produced at a one hundredth scale of the great pyramid, at 90″ (2.3m). Other sizes can be made on request. One of the most popular of these is 72″ (1.9m) which can be positioned around a standard single or double bed. (king-size would require larger). Sleeping in a pyramid is a very health-giving and protective action, the benefits of which can be felt almost immediately.

The smaller one is also much more portable, as it would fit inside a small car quite easily, or carried on public transport. Pyramids can be set up in a few minutes, enabling planetary healing meditations to take place anywhere you can carry one – up a hill, in a cave, wherever you are called.

All pyramids are made to exact dimensions and scale to the Great Pyramid at Cheops. This scale produces a resonance with all other pyramids on the planet, thus linking you into the Global Light Network that is currently growing rapidly.


As i cannot produce and send out any physical items at the moment i have decided to publish my plans. Not for the absolute beginner, but enough to build your own beautiful pyramid. Download e-book: Five Pounds UK I will send out the ebook by email within a few hours of seeing the order.