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Shungite Types: Regular, Petrovsky, Elite

What is the difference between elite shungite and regular shungite? And what is petrovsky shungite? How many types of shungite are there?

Shungite stones can be divided into 3 types depending on the amount of carbon in it.

Regular Black Shungite
Type III shungite is usually called regular shungite stone and it contains from 30 to 50 percent of carbon. All the shaped products you will find like pyramids, spheres, bracelets, etc. are made of regular shungite since it amounts to the largest part of shungite found in Karelia and can be easily shaped and polished.

Petrovsky Shungite
Type II shungite got his name from the Russian Emperor, Peter the Great, and is known as Petrovsky shungite. This type of shungite is quite rare and contains about 75 percent of carbon. It can also be easily cut and polished like regular shungite, but in terms of properties and crystal energy Petrovsky shungite is closer to type I Elite shungite.

Elite Silver Shungite
Type I shungite is called noble or elite shungite and it contains from 90 to 98 percent of carbon C60 Fullerenes in it. Elite shungite nuggets have a shiny silvery surface and have great energetic potential due to the high percentage of carbon. It has a glass-like surface, and is very brittle. The deposits of Elite shungite are extremely scarce and Elite shungite amounts for less than one percent of all shungite found in the world. It is usually dug carefully by hand in rocks while types II and III shungite are more available for an industrial digging in quarries.