13th August 2015

150816 – Solaris BlueRaven – PSYOPS and Synthetic Telepathy

I’m joined by fellow Rev Radio host Solaris Blueraven, whose personal history gives her the deepest inner sights into the Mind of the Beast.

There is a lot of flurry in the alternative media community, and a lot of information flying back and forth, an old trick of the Oposition Force is to send conflicting information into the field. the mental equivalent of Radar “Chaff”. These operations are known in the military as Psychoclogical Operations, or PSY-OPS.

Tonight Solaris and i want be able to identify and debunk as many of todays Black Project Mind Control Operations that are being played on us, from the television to the “Truth/(r)Evolution” media. From the basic mind control of the advertising industry to the driving of “personalities” (aka “useful idiots”) to create a misinforming media feed.