12th September 2015

150913 – Michelle Caruso – Emotional Buoyancy

In the anticipated incoming energy wave, energy of all kinds, and mostly unseen by the human eye (we only see a tiny amount of the full spectrum), will be flooding into the solar system and Planet from the Galactic Centre. This wave has also been termed Wave X, Ribbon, or Photon belt.

Energy exists in our bodies in various densities, solid, liquid, gaseous, fiery etc, and it doesn’t stop there, unseen but experienced layers exist in our subtle bodies, the Mental, the Emotional, the Etheric.

Layers of these waves are passing through our solar system right now, and impinging on our planet, which in turn are passing through us in our planets emanation.

galactic_wavesWhat this adds up to, ultimately, that we will be energised on every level.

And that includes our Emotional body, and the effect of that will be an increased emotionalism.  Emotions can no longer be “Bottled Up”, but released and channeled. To this end I would like to begin my Online return after a forced absence, by speaking on this topic with Life Coach Michelle Caruso, on how we can prepare ourselves emotionally for this imminent wave.



Check out Michelles website at www.InfinityLifeDesigns.com