30th October 2015

151102 JWJP : Krsanna Duran – Humanity's Soul Journey

Join Krsanna and I for a rapid fire journey through the history of the local cosmos.

Krsanna Duran was born and reared in Oklahoma and presently lives in Montana. A Southern Cherokee descendant of Stand Watie’s Cherokee Cavaliers, she is an advocate of Indian education and indigenous peoples and cultures.

A futurist and developer of the TimeStar model of planetary space-time, Krsanna Duran is a UFO experiencer and student of Trans-Himalayan adepts. She has a uniquely inspired method of forecasting planetary, solar, and galactic interactions as a cohesive whole system with synthesis of ancient and modern models of time, space, and reality.

She balances an innate sense of pragmatism in contacts with time travelers and extraterrestrial sources. Krsanna and Ida Kannenberg shared mutual experiences with time travelers from Atlantis in contemporary UFO contacts.


In her Own Words:

Topics I deal with are making 2015 news or fill in background for the headlines. When NASA predicted a robust solar maximum in 2012, I had predicted in 2002 the currently progressing solar decline, and in 2015 scientists posit the Sun is entering a long-term solar minimum with mini ice age. I identified in 1993 changes in the magnetic core and field that are taking place in 2015 using the TimeStar space-time model imparted in UFO contacts.

• Chinese scientists question in 2015 why modern humans have been in China 80,000 years but in Europe only 45,000: Ancient alien agendas in Europe and the Pacific Rim are explained in the Web of Life and Cosmos.

• Ancient Earth remnant embedded in the planet’s mantle was posited by Harvard scientist in 2014: Babylon’s Tiamat and exploding planets and extraterrestrial accounts of Maldek and Malona are explored.

• Evidence of molten metal scattered across four continents 12,800 years ago published in 2013 suggests evidence for the war that sank Atlantis: Ancient archive with Atlantean texts and Helena Blavatsky’s testimony about lost continents that were discovered a century after her death are detailed.

• Ages of Humankind: Morphogenetic cycles, Hindu yugas according to Sri Yukteswar’s calculation, and 2012 end date of Terence McKenna’s Timewave Zero dovetail with 911, 2003 invasion of Iraq, and institutionalized terrorism in 2015.

• Magnetic core changes, extreme weather, species die-offs, and unexplained disappearances and appearances in 2015 were predicted months to years before the events.

• America’s first civilization built by Olmecs linked to Egypt who sculpted the first image of the Feathered Serpent 1200 BCE occupied pyramids in Mexico 3000 BCE.

• Human and Bigfoot genesis explained by the Arcturian Maez in 1998-2000 is repeatedly affirmed with new DNA studies.


Website: http://www.timestar.org

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