13th November 2015

151115 – EB – Sgt Daniel B MacBolen

Daniel is an Unacknowledged Special Access Program-Deep Operations Coordinate Cell under the NSC/Intelligence Support Activities, a Sleeper Assassin, so he tells me..

Lets find out what that all means.

Join us Sunday 15th November.. and we travel deep into the mystery

Sgt. Daniel Brad MacBolen III USAF(dav): I was born into the Military
Industrial Complex as a Slave to a MKUltra Project,but through a series of manifested miracles I fell through the cracks to find a new life, where being Loving &Lovable, has led me to an understanding of how to escape the prison of the mindset of this present Corporate World & all of its entrapments, & to help others to escape this Prison to begin new lives & a new journey for themselves, by becoming Free-Moral Agents in Service-To-Others.

Let me see if I can start out slow, here,…