26th March 2017

170325 – Ever Beyond – Maria Wheatley

My guest tonight is Maria Wheatley, a well-known name in the British Dowsing and Megalithic communities, and has many years of experience and intuitive contact with these ancient sites on these sacred isles.

Join us tonight as we explore the stories that the stones tell us, through the years of chaos and decay, to give a renewed vision of who we are and our place in the universe.


In Maria’s own words: My late father was considered one of the UK’s top dowsers who taught many people about the ‘geodetic system of earth energies’, including authors such as Jude Currivan. and Geoff Stray. I am continuing his work and have written Avebury, Sun Moon and Earth which outlines the esoteric design canons of our forefathers who incorporated earth energies into their sacred sites. Earth energy can heal us and enhance our lives!

Listen to the show archive: [wpaudio url=”http://studio9.space/archive/JP/archive/Ever_Beyond/2017/2017-03-26_EB_Maria_Wheatley.mp3″]