8th October 2017

2017-10-08 Ever Beyond – Robbert van den Broeke

Robbert van den Broeke, medium

Robbert van den Broeke was born on May 7, 1980 in Breda, Holland and grew up in a small West-Brabant village with an older and a younger sister.

At a very young age he found he had psychic ability and ‘saw’ things which his parents were unable to comprehend.
Because of this lack of understanding about what he could see and feel his growing up was difficult and he developed traumas, phobias and insecurities plus anxiety syndromes.
It was not until he was 13 years old that his gifts and talents were recognized and under the excellent professional guidance of psychologist Rens Hendriks he was able to develop consciously in paranormal and spiritual areas.
It was in February 1996 that Robbert first found he was able to predict exactly where crop circles would appear. Once with his naked eye (and later also in company with others) he saw a crop circle as it was actually forming.

These experiences brought him unique understanding and inspirations but sometimes the events were so extreme that, to avoid misunderstandings, his parents kept it all to themselves.
During this time Robbert’s perceptions and senses were becoming more acute and heightened and he found he was able to give information and statements to others about things he could not normally have known about.
He also began seeing energetic phenomena such as glowing spheres and streaks of light in and above crop circles.

It was then that the American BLT-team which includes Nancy Talbott began working with biophysicist W. C. Levengood in researching the authenticity of crop circles found by Robbert.
Around that time Nancy Talbott regularly spent several weeks with Robbert with both sharing spiritual experiences and making efforts to record and document them. Together they both twice witnessed crop circles forming.

In those early days the teenage Robbert found himself in the news and he was twice a guest on ‘Catharine’ a TV program aired by RTL4.

In 2005 a book was published entitled ‘Robbert: from problem child to medium’.
Meanwhile Robbert was manifesting unusual psychic and spiritual gifts by recording on cameras – often belonging to witnesses – images and projections from the energetic world which often included photos of human faces (some of people that are known to be deceased, others of people that are not recognized). These events seem to be preceded by a special ‘feeling’ informing Robbert that a picture formation might be imminent.
The photographs also have included energetic images of animals, light beings and extra-terrestrial objects (UFOs)
It was on May 4, 2005 that Robbert observed and photographed a higher dimensional being and decided to emerge from his rather reclusive lifestyle and come out into the open with this recording.
From that moment on, his life accelerated, with the media showing intense interest and Robbert was thrust into the limelight and national recognition.

The Dutch TV station KRO dedicated an episode of ‘Miracles Exist’ to Robbert and also the local TV station Omroep Brabant made a wonderful documentary about his extraordinary life.
After that he became a regular guest on the TV show Life and Cooking with Irene Moors.
The result was an avalanche of responses from people impressed by Robbert’s spiritual achievements. This led to a series of shows by RTL called ‘There is So Much More’ which seemed to generate a thirst from many to understand the world which by now was so familiar to Robbert.

Despite his still tender years Robbert has proved to be a beacon of hope for spiritual seekers.
He defies libel and slander and dares to expose his vulnerability to share in a modest way, some of his meaningful experiences with others.

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