Instruction – Studio Lessons

While working with radio stations and recording live bands and studio performers, I have amassed a certain amount of expertise and skills while doing so.

My Group Sound Clinic sessions are on fridays at 7pm UK/11pm Pacific/5am NZ. You must first have had at least one audio session.

I will bring you through the next stage of your audio production experience with expanded skills and greater understanding.

For instance:

    • Audio editing – cut out long pauses, coughs, umms, noises etc
    • Fade in and fade out
    • Compression to maximise volume when working with e.g. quiet telephone signals
    • Equalisation to eliminate annoying frequencies
    • Saving in appropriate format: WAV, MP3, BitRates and Sample Rates
    • Bumper insertion – add a theme tune (Making a bumper is a dedicated session – advanced)

Multitrack recording (advanced):

  • Use of Effects (Reverb, Flanger etc)
  • Mix-Down
  • Basic Mastering
  • Making Bumpers (intro and outro themes)
  • Cabling up and using a Mixing Desk and Studio Mics


The aim of these sessions is to bring you to the level of being able to produce a good quality radio show or Podcast, that sounds smooth and professional, so your message is presented to the public in the best possible way. Depending on your level of experience, this may take more than one session.


$50 per session

Please Contact me personally to arrange your first session