“I’ve just had a healing session with Jay Pee to help me access what needed to be healed in my liver. He used a breath technique and questioning process that helped me go through layers and reconnect to myself way back in the past where I had a traumatic life event and reconnect with the broken part of me that needed to be reintegrated back into my life now. With his very loving guidance and gentle way I could very quickly move through the layers feeling very safe. From feeling very wobbly and shaky to feeling grounded and so much more calm. I feel like I can adopt his technique to keep connecting with what my body is trying to tell me and whole/heal myself more. I have been a breath worker for a long time and healed many things in my body. Sometimes it takes the help of another to access some things especially when the emotions are very intense and I am very grateful to Jay Pee for taking me through it this time. Thanks!!!”


2016-07-05  It is important to me to write about the work of JayPee. I had never heard of soul fragments until listening to JayPee speak about it. I felt compelled to contact JayPee and ask for a session. JayPee’s ability to zero in on the part of a person that is up for transforming is very accurate. As he works through the process of discovering the fragment and then integration, JayPee is very kind and thoughtful in his choice of words and his energetic guidance. Since the session with JayPee I am free from fear of meditating that had plagued me for many years. Thank you JayPee.



July 1st 2016

Thank you JayPee for the best session of my life.  You have helped me come alive from the very darkest of places… i thought i wouldnt survive through the process but you made me feel so accepted and deserving .. of life…and love. This is truly the biggest blessing, a key to real freedom that i think just might be what ive been waiting for all along.  I cannot express my thanks and appreciation enough. Its really amazing how you knew exactly what to say and suggest at exactly the right moment- your skills are truly magical. I love you JayPee , I truly mean this and thank you dearly from the bottom of my heart…you are my hero 🙂 The fact that u took ur time w/o any monetary compensation completely blows me away, and tells me too that you are the real deal… which i can also sense in your  voice :$



16th June 2016 TESTIMONIAL: “Working with Jay I immediately experienced a sense of safety, kindness, gentleness, patience, compassion. All of these are reflections or rays from his soul. A complete ‘natural’ at helping others recapitulate, Jay and I went on a ‘journey’. This is not any old journey you have with another healer, this is a very deep journey that goes ever beyond. A journey of ‘retrieval’. We need to support people like Jay helping us in our personal reconnection to ourselves. ‘Home is where the heart is’, and this is priceless. Thank you Jay.”

May 27th 2016:
Healing – The thing which was/is most apparent to me is the immediacy of the process. Far too often I have had healing where the results and the process were intangible. I felt the connection with JP immediately and we very rapidly came to the focus of my issues and what needs to heal. The truth of it is, we were through in less than half an hour. The healing was totally spontaneous, uninhibited and guided. I am truly thankful to JP. He is a talented man.


Sunday, May 22, 2016
Finding the Forgotten Child

 I wonder how many of us have current issues in our lives and don’t connect with past events from childhood? I know I didn’t, not until I started talking with Jay Pee. Jay Pee aids individuals with getting in touch with their forgotten child to heal current issues they may be dealing with. Those issues can be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.

Ever since I was about 9 or 10 I had leg pains, bad leg pains. My mom use to massage my calfs for me at times because the pain was so bad. I can remember the pain just from her massaging them use to cause me to twist and turn. Jay Pee had me get in touch with the little girl who went through all that pain.

I started talking to him about how my dad didn’t like to be disturbed when he watched TV and little things would get someone yelled at. Due to this as this young girl sitting on the couch I would move very slowly, like inch by inch so I wouldn’t get yelled at. This caused tension in my body and specifically my legs. My dad also worked nights and to get to the bathroom we had to go through a hallway that shared my parents bedroom. Well the floors would creek and he would yell at the perpetrator. By tip toeing through the hallway I found that the floor didn’t creek. This also caused tension in my legs from trying to be so careful while scared at the same time. We also uncovered the fact that I remembered my  dad complaining about leg pains. He was born with cerebral palsy and even though he went through many surgeries as a child he still experienced pain in his right leg.

That was not the only forgotten child I encountered, but was the one that made a big difference in my life. You see even as an adult I would always have leg pains, it seemed to be mainly right before a rain. After my session with Jay Pee and talking about my situation with my dad the leg pains stopped. I can not remember the last time I had those unexplained leg pains.

Jay Pee explained to me that our bodies hang on to various episodes in our lives. These often lead to issues you may experience either physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. If someone is having issues in any of these areas and has tried to deal with them to no avail I suggest contacting Jay Pee at Ever Beyond Radio. He also has a variety of other services he offers, so be sure to check those out as well.

– See more at: http://yourlife7.blogspot.co.uk/2016/05/finding-forgotten-child.html#sthash.mYlWdR9m.dpuf

Hi Jay Pee. I just sent you a friend request. I called into your EB show a couple days ago and I wanted to thank you for taking the time to speak with me and give me a soul reading. That was the first time I ever called into a radio show. I’ve been giving thought to some things we talked about and it has helped me to have a more open perspective and move into a broader awareness. I thoroughly enjoy your shows and wanted to let you know I find them interesting and helpful. Thanks again and I’ll be tuning in for future shows. E. J. –