22nd December 2014

141222 – Frank Jordan – from Cowboy to Healer

Frank Jordan Portrait

People who meet Frank in the general public for the first time will see him as just a nice guy, and no different from anyone else who has had the experience of growing up in Eastern Oregon on a cattle ranch. His life as a rancher is evident in his speech, and how he relates to life in a laid-back, casual way that finds humor in most situations, and sees the positive side of everything. Drawing from his seventy-five years experience as a cowboy, rancher, hunting guide, dowser, prospector, fruit rancher, packer, and business manager, he can fix anything and can create most of the things he needs in his shop out of whatever is at hand. He seems to know a little about most things, and has an opinion about everything.

But, should the conversation turn to healing or spirituality, a subtle shift occurs, and Francis will appear.  Francis is a walk-in, an alternative Soul from the Fifth Dimension that entered Frank as an Angel during a childhood illness to preserve the body from dying, He stayed to become an indweller having highly evolved powers of healing and knowledge. He has an evolved understanding of Consciousness and how it works. Francis entertained Frank on the cattle ranch with an endless stream of dialogue in his mind about any subject Frank was interested in. For ten years he delivered information on psychology, physics, astronomy, spirituality, and any other subject and Frank learned by “listening” to the voice of inner knowing in his mind. The download has never stopped to this day, and when someone asks Frank a question he steps back, shifts, and Francis, the teacher, delivers the information needed. In lectures and workshops Francis speaks directly through with a continually growing archive of information.

The third member of the triad is Stephan, an Inter-Galactic Being who began communicating to Frank’s meditation group through their Skype program prior to the Dec. 21, 2012 galactic convergence event. Frank realized the energies coming into the Skype program as tones were actually channeling through him into the computers when he found he could control them with his mind. The tones could be felt on the cellular level stimulating new DNA strands to form in the cells from junk DNA, and with intent, Frank discovered he could use the tones to heal the meditation members.  Francis instructed Frank to become subjective to the frequencies, and when he did he felt Stephen move into his system as another walk-in.

Frank, Francis, Stephan and I have been working togeher for more than two years , broacasting a healing show every sunday evening on wolf spirit radio.

Franks Website: www.psi-tronics.com

Let’s hear what Frank has to say about our progress.. Tune in on monday 22nd December 5PST