10th July 2016

160710 – EB – AURORA – Full Spectrum Human

Aurora is a Galactic walk-in and visionary artist. She came into this physical body, and into this world, in 2001 via the Flying Rainbow Lasagne, a hyper-dimensional portal shape she spontaneously invented.

13624574_1083939941698297_900587299_nSince then, Aurora has spent her time expressing the concept of the Flying Rainbow Lasagne (FRL) in drawings, paintings, sculptures, animations, and in an online class called Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans. The FRL shape is like “open source code” for your DNA, and it is Aurora’s continued intention to teach everyone how to embody it and become the artist of their own reality.

Aurora presently lives in Northern California, where she paints on a daily basis in her art studio, broadcasts her weekly radio show “Birth of a New Dimension”, teaches her online class, and gives live performances about harmonics, the intersection of her visual art and overtones singing.

To learn more about the Flying Rainbow Lasagne and Aurora’s artwork, please visit www.flyingrainbowlasagne.com
To find out about Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans please visit http://flying-rainbow-lasagne-university.teachable.com/courses/lessons-for-full-spectrum-humans