14th August 2016

160814 – EB – Michael Graham – Deities through the Ages

My joy is to bring healing in the form of LovingLight to everyone I meet. I see all people as masters still awakening to the Truth of themselves and I believe everyone is sovereign and divine. I live my life in the company of angels and am a lover of all living things. I believe in respecting the gift of free will given to all by the Creator and holding it as inviolable. I consider myself to be an ardent spiritual seeker and describe my spiritual alignment as Pan-Religious while being Truth centered. Learning from many philosophies and teachings, I seek always to find the grain of truth in each idea and use it as a stepping stone to even higher truths.

I grew up in the Caribbean island of Jamaica. I was raised Christian-Anglican (Episcopalian in the US) but became disenchanted as I was more exposed to the history of religion and how it was used as a tool of conquest for my people. I noticed from an early age the emergence of certain patterns, things we would now call synchronicities. Things would sometimes line up just perfectly to provide me with a thing or an experience that I had been dreaming about. It then dawned on me that there was something happening in my life that was not occurring normally in the lives of my friends. That’s when my search started. I intuitively felt that there was something or someone playing a role in bringing these things about and that this someone was not really me. I wanted to know who or what it was.

This led to a series of discoveries and experiences that opened many doors to the realms beyond. I had many teachers throughout this process and learnt many things through divine synchronistic guidance. I was first and most powerfully attracted to angels and their role in our lives. They felt very much like a natural extension of my own energy. I developed relationships with many of them early on and they are still powerful members of my beloved spiritual family. Gradually, I discovered and developed relationships with other deities, power animals, elementals, ascended masters and eventually our Star family. Each category has its own energetic signature and I work with each in a slightly different way.

During my gradual awakening to the angelic and other realms, I discovered an ability to generate and channel energy throughout my body and use my hands to focus it. I later learned how to direct this energy and use it for healing and other forms of energy work. From this, I have created my own healing modality: Meta-Dimensional Healing™. In my energy work, I always call on the power of Source to ensure that what is being directed is of the highest caliber and for the highest good of all involved. Later on, I also learnt another form of Angelic healing, called IET (Integrated Energy Therapy). This was a synchronistic occurrence because the first book I ever read about angels was a channeled book from Arch Angel Ariel by Stevan J Thayer, the same man who I discovered later created the IET system.

As I became more aware of the spiritual realms, I was able to detect the presence of negative entities within my energy grid. I consequently learnt from various wonderful Spiritual Healers and Counselers how to clear myself of these negative attachments and to apply these clearing techniques to others. I have since developed my own system that combines a Shamanic system with angelic energies and other aspects of the Divine.

I have now been working with Angels and other deities for over 12 years. I am a certified IET practitioner and an experienced Energy Healer, appreciated for my precise intuitive diagnosis and my effective healing approach. As a father of three beautiful children with a career in computer programming and application development, I keep one foot in the realms beyond and another firmly planted in the practical everyday world. I understand how to responsibly handle both aspects of life and have been able to comfortably allow the two to coexist. I integrate this approach into my practice.

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