11th February 2017

170212 – Ever Beyond – Louisa Tanner Munson – Asteroids in Astrology

Listen to the show archive: [wpaudio url=”http://studio9.space/archive/JP/archive/Ever_Beyond/2017/2017-02-12_EB_Louisa_Tanner_Munson_Asteroids.mp3″]


Louisa joins Jay Pee today, they discuss some of the more subtle aspects of astrology, namely the ASTEROIDS.. Pallasathena, Chiron, Ceres, Lilith, Juno, Vesta etc). The show includes topics such as life purpose, the wounded healer and the subtle flavours that make up the unique individuality of each person.

Louisa will also be taking birth dates and give a quick mini-reading: Time, Place Date of birth. drop them in the chat room when requested.

this is going to be a fast moving and fun show. join us at www.wolfspiritradio.com/listen

Louisa’s website: https://louisatannermunson.wordpress.com/


It took me a long time to ‘come out’, a very long time to out myself as an Astrologer. It seemed to fly in the face of ‘what you were supposed to do’ as a job. Instead, I worked hard in so-called ‘acceptable’ careers that used all the same skills a gifted Astrologer would use. I worked hard teaching, training, coaching, counselling and guiding people through new stages on their journeys. I lived and worked around the world, meeting people from many cultures and many different belief systems. Whether I was coaching performance for large corporates, or working one to one with clients, my experience in Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming saw me learning on the job and getting good solid experience.

Where I lacked the confidence to push myself forward, I attracted learning experiences needed to build my skills. This gave me a bigger scope, than if I’d gone straight into astrology. I saw connections between business, cultures, beliefs and astrology. I never stopped learning and the more patterns I noticed, the more I found.

Now at 40, I’m finally ready. Ready to come clean, to fess up and out myself as an Astrologer. This is who I am. This is the way I’m asked to work. This is how I’m happy to be counted, and serve you…

Louisa Tanner Munson