30th July 2017

170730 – R Scott Lemriel – The Trauma DNA strand

Join Scott and I today speaking about the most ancient of times. Beyond Earth, all the way back millions of years ago, when humankind was still escaping from the terrors of the traumatic Draco invasion of Lyra. Experiments and DNA development led to a potential cure for the ‘human condition’ – what we call today PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).


Robert’s work is all about what is taking place off-world and behind the scenes here to bring about an unexpected uplifting worldwide transformation for human beings on Earth for the first time in galactic history.

Robert and I will discuss the implications of the results of that experiment and what was done to reverse its effect.

Listen to the show archive: [wpaudio url=”http://studio9.space/archive/JP/archive/Ever_Beyond/2017/2017-07-30_EB_R_Scott_Lemriel_The_Trauma_DNA.mp3″]

check out Robert’s website : paralleltime.com/