19th August 2017

170820 – David Curtis – On the night before the Dawn

A Letter To Friends…

So, here I am at a loss what to tell you about a 50 year journey on planet Earth. Now, there is no spirituality left, nothing but awareness of the tragedy of the human condition. Great loss over the past where all self-enquiry failed to enlighten me, the range of ‘experience’ immense, ecstasy and terror in abundance. You might think this is fatalistic, perhaps so, but I am no cynic, only one who lives the truth as I find it and duly reports back to you, my friends, the ‘lover’s of truth.’ With insight I have probed the depths of the psyche, the void where visions arise and myth is born, those symbolic codes, oh so promising, inevitably deceive.

On the shores of the unconsciousness, in a wasteland where meaning has no more life, tell me, O reader, your thought on the matter of love? At what cost is our universal and human tragedy weighed in the balance, polarised between loss and gain, fortune and misery? Those ruins of a lifetime are they merely, now, forgotten memories, turned to dust, or annals of self-knowledge reminding us to tread carefully across the threshold into that Dark Night of the Soul? Whose light will you, then, trust as guide through the shadows playing across the mind their illusory flights of fancy? Clearly you have touched something of this agony and ecstasy in your life, and you may still hold onto hope, the promise of ‘paradise regained,’ and in what wisdom you may have gleaned, at whatever age you happen to be, my friends, do take care and continue always to be true to yourself no matter what life throws at you.


Join me, a fellow traveller in doubt, under the shade of the tree of life for a moment’s pause, and let us share and learn about our life-stories with dignity and integrity of spirit once more… ” Once upon a time… “

Listen to the show archive: [wpaudio url=”http://studio9.space/archive/JP/archive/Ever_Beyond/2017/2017-08-20_EB_David_Curtis_The_Night_Before_The_Dawn.mp3″]