1st November 2014

141102 – Olivia Sandy, Author, Filmmaker, Musician

oliviasandyMy guest today is Olivia Sandy: Author, Filmmaker, musician.
Olivia Sandy

Is a young woman from a mixed family background , having eastern european, arab and african roots. No political affiliations.
The ethnic background mix has given her perhaps possibly a wider perception to witness different cultures, having lived and educated in different countries along the way.
Olivia Sandy’s journey started long before, but intensified since moving to London back in 2006.
Prior to that having lived in Kuwait (left during the war at the age of 7), Estonia, Hungary, Austria, U.S in her adolescent years , then in Sweden and Spain for the past two years, Synchronicity has brought her back to London to realise some of her current projects and make peace with the reputable town.
She has just composed a educational Children’s (and potentially adults) Book called the “Draco Invasion” which is a mix of personal family experiences, combined with evidence based research and innocent imagination.
The book now has lead her to more longer and in-depth projects touching her personal life experiences related to Political and Economic Conspiracies, Paranormal, Spiritual and even Extraterrestrial Experiences.
She is convinced that all of the beautifully laid out synchronistic experiences have happened to show her how serious the current global problems are and since being also a creative person, wanting to share it with the rest of the world through her art, like writing and movies .

Come and join us to find out how she tackles the idea.

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