22nd February 2015

150223 Jean Rockefeller, Animal Communicator

I am joined tonight by Jean Rockefeller, Healing Facilitator and Animal “Whisperer”..


Jean will be speaking about her Black Gelding, Jack, who turned out to be a Watcher Being in the skin-suit of a Horse.

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Jean will speak about how she met Jack, and how she discovered he was actually speaking intelligently to her. How she learned about the Watchers and the healing energy they introduced her to. Later on, during the second hour, Jean will go into more detail about the energy the Watchers work with and how the animals are working anonymously literally under our noses and in plain sight. And how they pass energy and information.   Jean and Jack will also talk about the next few months energetically,  Jack’s Lineage and connection to Joan of Arc, Charlemagne, Caesar, Patton.  Bear in mind that we do not subscribe to a linear version of Soul lineage and evolution.

The watchers will not focus on negativity or a singular event unless they can offer a solution that will help us all.  Keep in mind that they are in service of the Greater Good,  Jean is open to calls, but only about questions on the material presented and not ‘personal’ information.  meaning personal readings and the like.


Jack’s Bio:
jackwatcherJack is a Watcher, which is a sentient being in animal form that is completely aware.  All of his seven senses are fully functioning:  Hearing, feeling, taste, sight, touch, intuition, an